Defence Club Fee
• All ages: $45 a person a year

Range Fee
• The one off season fee $70  is for shooters with all their own gear and ammo.
(You are still required to pay the building fee $2 a day)

• One session (Club Shooter): $10 a shoot
(a target and 13 shots and *building fee is included))

•College Shooters: $10
(Students who use the club and college gear. *Building fee is included)

•  Session With Your Own Ammo: $3 a person
(This applys to club shooters, visitors from other clubs and College shooters with their own ammo)

• Visitors: $10 a person


1st year Student  NZ$0+$35+$45 =$80

Senior 1st year       NZ $0+$35+$45 = $80

Senior full                  $75+$50+$45   = $170

• *Building Fee: $2 a person a day

Target Shooting Nelson 2017
• M, A, B, C or D grader: $50 a Year

• 1st Year D grader: $35 a year

• Student: $35 a year

• Season Aggregate M, A and B graders: $15 a season (optional)

• Season Aggregate C & D graders: $10 (optional)

• Season Aggregate Sandbaggers: $5 (optional)


Target Shooting NZ Membership 2018
• Social Member: $30 a year 
(Any Indiviual who does not shoot more than 6 times during a calendar year)

• Junior Member: $45 a year
(Shooters who will be under the age of 21 on December 31st in the year of the competition)

• Family Member: $50 a year
(Any individual related to and residing in the same residence as Full Senior Member)

• Veteran Member: $50 a year
(Any individual, 60 years of age and over, on the 1st January in the current year)

• Full Senior Member: $75 a year
(Any individual who does not qualify for inclusion in one of the following categories)


1st year shooter does not have to join NZ for 1 year only.

• Outdoor & Air Rifle Shooters: Before 31 December 2015
• All Indoor Shooters: Before 30 April 2016



Target Shooting Nelson

Target Shooting

New Zealand